PlanBTrader  provides trading education services and trading ideas. We also provide additional education courses finance, credit, business management and asset protection.
Our executive leadership team is experienced, transparent and accessible via our chat group and customer support. Our team of coaches will provide guided execution so you can scale, step by step, to your goals.
Our Mission is to add value to our partners and customers by providing the best possible education services.

Planbtrader.com makes no income guarantees or forecasts. Currency exchange trading is high risk. There is a chance that you can lose all your money trading forex. We provide education and trading ideas to help you become competent trader. Affiliate income is solely based on your own efforts and dedication to promoting your affiliate link.

The most effective way to maximize your income is to take advantage of all 3 income opportunities we offer: 1. Trading (starts with education), 2. Macabee fund, our social trading platform where our traders will help you grow your account. 3. Maximize your marketing efforts with our marketing systems. This will help you tap into the bonuses and scale up to our highest pay ranks and bonuses.

Commissions are paid in Cryptocurrency (BTC, ETH, XCP, OMG) or PayPal. You can place a payout request on the Request payout tab and it will be processed within 24 hours according to availability in your account. You must register and setup your wallet to withdraw your funds from.

You are billed on a monthly basis. There is no contract. You can discontinue billing anytime. Just send an email from your subscribed email address to support@planbtrader.com with subject line cancel subscription. You can also pay monthly with cryptocurrency options if you choose. You can also be paid your affiliate fees in cryptocurrency.